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TopDeck Foundation

TopDeck is a public charity that is dedicated to raising funds to support the morale and mission of the Cornelius Police Department.   

What is TopDeck Foundation?


TopDeck is a public charity that is dedicated to raising funds to support the morale and mission of Cornelius Police Department. Today, our police do more with less in an uncertain environment. TopDeck envisions supporting employee recognition programs, incremental training and tools as well as team building activities which are outside the town’s budget but within the Department’s needs.  

What is the mission of TopDeck?


The need for TopDeck was recognized after the Cornelius community spontaneously donated money for our Officer who had been shot in the line of duty.  For its part, The Police Department had no formal process to accept and distribute the funds to officers or activities supporting the Force.  The community’s direct support of the Police mission was admirable but ineffective.  With a formal organization the Chief can plan on supplemental funds and determine how best to leverage the generosity of the community.  


The CPD has a tax-revenue sourced budget.  There are good policy reasons to keep our taxes low; yet we would like to provide Cornelius Police Department with items and programs that are not covered in the budget. The only way to increase the budget (without raising taxes) is to have the community voluntarily provide additional funds.


TopDeck Foundation was incorporated as a N.C. LLC by Don & Bridget Rainey and Mark & Kim Sailors in late 2015.   It is a public charity (non-profit) that has received 501 (c)3 designation from the IRS.

What are the funds used for?


Each year the CPD liaison committee works with CPD to determine the best use of funds. In the last few years we have provided  QuikClot kits for all patrol cars and lake patrol boats, an ice-maker for the Police Department; Honor Guard uniforms, external armor/Vest carry protective gear distributed swearing-in anniversary gifts to officers and more!  


What is the goal of TopDeck?


TopDeck raises funds that enable Chief Black to make his Department the best place in North Carolina to have a law enforcement career and keeps Cornelius a great place to live.


How can I help?


Join our fundraising committee. Buy a car magnet. Attend our events. Thank an officer!

For more information please feel free to email or talk with any Advisory Board Member.

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